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Top Chef episode 5 - the struggle continues! (spoilers)


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Top Chef episode 5 - the struggle continues! (spoilers)

pitu | Apr 6, 2006 10:38 AM

ooooo SNAP!
Andrea winning the tasting immunity challenge was a great twist for me, pointing out the breadth of information available outside of conventional chef training as much as the importance of visuals. Of COURSE she knew what omboshi tastes like!
It doesn't exactly redeem her from not cooking her kale properly in an early episode . . . she was lost altogether for me there, letting down the natural food crowd . . . or not cooking her brown rice fully on this episode.

Sure left her partner in the main challenge Miguel in a rotten position -- can they really be setting him up as the next off the show?!

I thought this was an all around fun episode - the tasting challenge being a brilliant start, and the blow-off-steam junk food challenge back at the ranch . . . hilarious.

Street food is an apt main challenge - FUSION!
I gotta get to work, so I'll leave the summarizing to those who do it well.
LOVE this show.

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