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Top Chef - Ep. 4

Rocknrope | Jul 12, 2007 07:25 AM

I didn't see a post for this yet, surprisingly, so I figured I'd start it off.

Although clearly a blatant product placement move, I liked the quickfire concept of creating a dish with a cocktail (At least we haven't heard "Get into your Rav4's" yet this season). I was recently wondering if there was any place for hard alcohol with meals. It looks like it was hit and miss, but probably no coincidence that two of the favorites had a rich foie gras as the main ingredient.

Oh, and is Hung gonna bash every quickfire judge that doesn't think he's god's gift to cooking?

The elimination challenge was interesting, but what was up with those medals around the tasters? I know that they're part of some chic-chic food club, but how pretentious can you get?

I figured that one of the ladies on the dessert team would be gone. They'd want to keep Howie and Mike for additional drama, and the chef who left (don't even know her name) had been pretty inconspicuous so far.

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