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Top Chef - D.C. - Finale, Part 2 (Ep. #14) - 09/15/10 (Spoilers)


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Top Chef - D.C. - Finale, Part 2 (Ep. #14) - 09/15/10 (Spoilers)

LindaWhit | Sep 15, 2010 07:10 PM

Now's the time to say goodbye, to all our family......Oh wait - wrong show. :-)


Here we go - the finale! We have Angelo, Ed, and Kevin duking it out to win TC7. And Padma asks to see all three back at JT...and there's a knife block to pick from! Padma's going to announce the challenge tonight - 4 course meal - a veggie course, a fish course, a meat course (Tom and Eric will choose their protein choices), and then Gail says they MUST make a dessert course.

Of course, they get help - former TC winners: Hung Huynh, Michael Voltaggio, and Ilan Hall.

Ed gets Ilan; Kevin gets Michael (with whom he's worked before and is friends), and Angelo gets Hung. Angelo's sick and goes to bed. Michael, Hung and Ilan tell Ed and Kevin to stay true to themselves; don't go crazy, don't do anything new - do what they know.

In the a.m., Angelo's still not up - he's REALLY sick - he's talking with eyes closed to the camera confessional. They bring in a doctor to see him. He's been in bed all day and hopefully resting through the night will help him.

Oooh - previews show Ed getting a bit ticked off at Ilan while shopping. "You ARE my sous chef, aren't you?" :::::Zing!::::: :-)

(Posting this part a bit early because somehow either a Firefox update has screwed up the font size of the typing box OR Chowhound's updated the site and it's now super-teeny-tiny and I can't read least in edit mode, it's in a god-awful Courier font, but at a size I can read it.)

And we're back - back in the kitchen and Tom explains that Angelo is STILL sick. Hung will be on the phone with Angelo who will give him instructions on what to prep. Hung has someone else to help him prep. If Angelo's feeling well enough, he'll cook. If not, they'll figure it out.

Proteins: Rouget (what was supposed to be featured), Mullet, Cuttlefish, Skate, and Lobster for seafood, Duck (what was to be featured) and Pork Belly for meats. (I may have added a few seafood choices in there, based on what I saw they were making. Not sure if they got any additional proteins from the restaurant's kitchen in which they're cooking/serving.)

And they're off to shop! Hung's probably the best person for Angelo to have as a sous - really helpful during the shopping.

And back in the kitchen, Hung scores all the foie for Angelo. He's seriously the same whirlwind he was in his own season getting stuff prepped! Doctor's back in Angelo's room, giving him a shot of antibiotics in the butt, and Angelo misses Hung's phone call. But the doctor is warning Angelo that it would be rare for him to be 100% during service tomorrow; more likely within 2-3 days or worst case, up to a week. Not looking good for Angelo!

Angelo's looking a bit better in the morning; and doc said he's well enough to cook. Better wash your hands a LOT, Angelo, so you don't make anyone else sick! :-)

They have 3 hours to prep at the Jim Thompson Restaurant. Kevin at least wants Angelo to bring it vs. Ed who wishes he was still too sick to cook. Ed's still got that "Angelo is my toughest competition; it would have been cool if it was just me and Kevin." Ugh.

Michael teased Kevin: "I like the old days Kev where I prepared the fish and YOU pulled the bones out." :-)

Both Kevin and Angelo note to the camera confessional that they want to keep it simple, but Ed tends to have too many ingredients on his plate.

I notice that Angelo's wearing gloves the entire prep time. No washing his hands needed other than rinsing the gloves when needed. Smart.

The guest judges are Eric Ripert, Seetoh, Dana Cowin, Paul Bertolotta, David Chang, Vincent Bourdain of Valrhona, Andre Chiang, a chef now based in Singapore, and Siu-Lyn Tan, a food author. Also Vincent Bourdain, pastry consultant for Valrhona, and Susan Feninger.

And it looks like all three might have broken the Top Chef Curse of the Desserts - it seems like those tasting the desserts liked most or all of them!

And we're back to Judges Table - Ed's Roasted Duck Neck dish was very well received. But hmmm...interesting response Ed has to Tom Colicchio re: his dessert (Tom said he could get it at home, and Ed said he could have made a Lemon Curd but really screwed it up and what was he going to do?)

Kevin's Singapore Sling's dessert was VERY well received and one of the diners had said he just invented the country's new dessert. :-) (Yes, I know that comment's out of order in which it came, but I just remembered it.)

Vegetable Course - seems to go to Ed.
Seafood Course - not really sure who won this one.
Meat Course - seems to go to Ed.
Dessert Course - Either Angelo or Kevin won this one.

Based on what we've heard, it *sounds* like it's going to be Ed that wins? (And that might jive with the rumors that he's NOT in Top Chef All-Stars too.) And the phone poll shows that most people (49%) want Ed to win as well.

Preview of the Reunion - we find out the TRUTH about the Pea Puree! LOL

OK - back to JT...WHOA! Kevin actually WINS it! I guess him resigning from The Rat Restaurant was foretelling him winning! But what a rather uneventful announcement of the winner. Ugh - this season sits right with TC2 and TC5 when it comes to winner, IMO. Bleah.


Well, folks - my self-appointed job here is done. It's been fun. Hope you've enjoyed it, too. Someone else can pick up the TC: Just Desserts write-ups, 'kay? ;-)

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