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Top Chef - D.C. - Ep. #7 - 07/28/10 (Spoilers)


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Top Chef - D.C. - Ep. #7 - 07/28/10 (Spoilers)

LindaWhit | Jul 28, 2010 06:23 PM

So - in the house before they head over to the TC kitchen, Kenny doesn't think he was on the bottom in the last EC because of his food - he thinks it was because of the strategy (essentially blaming Angelo). Interesting. Wonder what he thinks now knowing the judges felt the same was his fellow cheftestants did about his dish?

Aaron Schock, Representative from Illinois and Padma greet the cheftestants for the QuickFire. Schock explains what a new Rep goes through when they first start out - a discussion on ethics (oh, I'm SO reserving comment on THAT!) and that includes food. Food MUST be served at these lavish parties as "bite-sized fare" - on toothpicks, so the reps cannot be swayed by lavish dinners. And the winner of the Quickfire? Gets $20,000 and immunity.

Oh wow - Tiffany's dish sounded wonderful! In fact, several of these appetizers sounded wonderful...I wonder if some of them can be stretched out to a larger tapa-type dish? And Padma wrinkles her nose at Alex's dish, who had pooh-poohed Stephen's "elaborate" appetizer. Yeah, that's always a guarantee that Alex will be in the bottom group and Stephen will be in the top group.

In the bottom group? Alex, Ed and Kelly. In the top group? Kevin, Angelo, and Stephen. (Elves, that one was WAY too easy to figure out re: Alex and Stephen! LOL)

And the winner? Angelo's cucumber cup with shrimp and cashews! Interesting - that was a substitute prep when the pineapple roll wasn't working. I like the idea of pineapple, shrimp and cashew better. But Kevin's ticked off that Angelo won yet again.

On to the EC - create a power lunch at an "upscale eatery" - The Palm. They essentially take over the entire kitchen. They'll each serve 24 diners, using 5 of the ingredients on their main menu, which The Palm will provide:

Lobster - Angelo & Ed
Swordfish - Andrea & Tiffany
Salmon - Alex & Stephen
Lamb Chops - Kevin & Kenny
Porterhouse Steaks - Amanda & Kelly

Angelo and Ed are a bit handicapped, as they're dealing with a live animal, whereas everyone else is working with pre-cut fish and meat. A lot of Angelo's and Ed's time is taken up in prepping their lobster.

Back at the house, Ed's talking about his pea purée with Tiffany....this must be the infamous pea purée that Alex absconds with, as we saw in the preview last week. And Andrea, Kenny and Alex were talking about peas in the kitchen as well.

WHOA! They just showed the bit again - and Ed can't find the pea purée and asks Alex if he saw it - and Alex says he DIDN'T see it - after they had just showed him stirring the purée and tapping a spoon against the pot! Holy crap - I really hope he gets called out about this!

Commercial - Dinner For Schmucks....THIS one looks odd! LOL

Back at The begin preparation for lunch. The owner comes back to the kitchen to say this is the first time they've ever handed over the kitchen. With a fully booked lunch, he's understandably nervous. :-) The winner of the EC gets their dish on The Palm's menu, and their picture on the wall at The Palm.

And Alex is now saying his whole game plan was based on making a pea purée? So did he take Ed's purée or not? However, Tiffany is saying that Alex didn't conceptualize his dish until DAY OF the challenge....and even Ed knew the same thing. So did he really take it? WTH?

Chef Art Smith, politico Aaron Schock from IL and Mark Warner from VA, and journalists Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Savannah Guthrie are all the judges, along with John Podesta, Luke Russert, and the VP of The Palm Restaurant (sorry, can't remember her name!)

Amanda and Kelly are first up with their porterhouse steaks. Kelly's seems well received. Next up are Tiffany and Andrea's swordfish. Tiffany's seems well received, except for her overcooking the fish (which she knew).

Salmon is up next - Stephen and Alex's dishes. Alex's dish is well received, especially by Chef Art Smith - BECAUSE of the pea purée!

Lobster is next - Angelo and Ed. The foam on Angelo's doesn't go over well. Ed had peas on his plate (rather that the pea purée). Peas were "unnecessary" per Gail Simmons.

Finally, the lamb from Kenny and Kevin. Luke Russert had a funny line about Kenny's dish (which of course I now can't remember except for the first part: "Oscar for Best Actor (the lamb)...") At least it cracked up Art Smith.

And the question for viewers? Do you think Alex took Ed's pea purée? This will be interesting.

Wow - and now Alex is saying in the Stew Room that he didn't even KNOW that Ed was getting peas - but then they show Alex, Kenny and Andrea talking about it the night before in the TC kitchen....and Kenny even said after Ed pureed it, it looked really good. So Alex is lying. DAMN.

Alex, Tiffany and Ed are in the top group. Art Smith is raving on Alex's dish, especially the pea purée. Oh - I'll die if Alex wins this one. And holy crap. He wins. Wow.

EVERYONE in the stew room is saying that there's NO WAY that Alex could have made that purée in the amount of time the day of preparation at The Palm. I'll be very interested to read what Colicchio says in his blog.

Kelly, Kevin and Andrea are in the bottom group. Kevin's lamb dish is way overcooked and overseasoned. Andrea's swordfish was not well received. Kelly's porterhouse steak was definitely over-salted, per the judges. And she knew it was oversalted as the plates went out. Is that going to be her downfall? Kelly didn't share her salt, as Amanda noted. Amanda also says because she didn't share, she deserves to be in the bottom. HUH? Kelly gets very emotional in the Stew Room while they're waiting. She seasoned to the way she thought they'd want "aggressive flavors", vs. her way, which is delicate. COOK YOUR OWN FOOD, Kelly!

I'm not really sure who's going home. But I think it's either Kevin for overcooking his sous-vide lamb, or Kelly for her oversalted porterhouse.

I'm still pissed at Alex winning. I really, REALLY want to know if he stole the purée! And NINETY PERCENT of those voting think Alex took the pea purée!

Who's going home? Wow - it's Andrea. The vanilla in her dish did her in. I think Kelly dodged a major bullet there.

And I just noticed at the live blogging at Bravo, this little gem: "Bravo Monica:
Tom's blog is all about Pea-gate this week, so be sure to read after the show! " I'll be VERY interested to know what he thinks/knows!

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