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Top Chef - D.C. - Ep. #5 - 07/14/10 (Spoilers)


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Top Chef - D.C. - Ep. #5 - 07/14/10 (Spoilers)

LindaWhit | Jul 14, 2010 06:20 PM

Lots and lots of crabs - Maryland's blue crabs, to be specific - for the Quickfire! They're skittering out of the baskets on the table....QUICK! Run for your lives! LOL Guest judge is Patrick O'Connell, chef/proprietor at the Inn at Little Washington.

INTERESTING! The morning of the QF at the residence, Angelo is giving tips to Tamesha on how to deal with the challenges, and did he express potential romantic interest in Tamesha? She's appreciative of his mentorship, but is she romantically interested in him? I thought she said "no" in the last episode. Guess we'll see. But she does go running over in the QF challenge to find out how to get the crab meat out. So perhaps she's using him. :-)

And then Ed and Tiffany are buddying up? Hmmm...please back off on any romantic interests, Magical Elves...please?

Tim's a local Baltimore guy - will he win the day because he's most familiar with picking crabs and keeping it simple?

> The Lows? Andrea, Amanda, and Kevin (he's been in 4 QF lows in a row!)

> The Highs? Ed, Kenny, and Angelo. I do believe Timothy's a bit ticked off!

> The Winner? Ed! And he gets immunity in the next EC.

The Elimination Challenge finds them at a Virginia organic farm using farm-fresh ingredients working as ONE single team, putting out a total of 6 dishes for 40 local chefs. The won't know ingredients or cooking equipment until they get to the farm - so they'll have to think on their feet if the menu they plan in the house can't be done when they get there.

UGH! Kenny and Angelo are starting the beating of the chests like big Silverbacks fighting for dominance in the tribe. What a surprise - the call-in survey question is who's the bigger Alpha Male - Angelo or Kenny. :-)

And did Stephen just say something about someone doing a fruit platter for dessert? Is he KIDDING? Yeah, do that and you're SO going home.

They get some grills and some hot plates to cook on when they get to the farm - this is NOT going to be easy!

Kenny is chopping and knocks over Kevin's cauliflower couscous....Kenny says "scoop it up" but Kevin very rightly says "Umm, we're in the midst of a cow pasture - I'm not using that! You never know what little creatures are in there!" So he grabs some broccoli and leeks and attempts the couscous that way, even though he's never made it that way.

In the brief peek into house life in between commercials, several people reveal their nicknames for Kenny: Big Daddy, Black Magic, and several others. FUNNY! I think more people are appreciating his leadership than Angelo's, as Kenny remains calm, while Angelo gets all frenetic.

One LONG table for the diners and judges to sit at. They're serving family style - it looks freakin' COLD there - everyone's bundled up - I have to believe they're all eating cold food even if it's supposed to be hot.

Amanda's soup and Stephen's salad don't get good reviews. Nor did Timothy's turnips or Tiffany's collard greens.

Kelly and (Kenny?) did well with their combined dish, as did Angelo and Tamesha. And Kelly got excellent reviews for her berry crisp as an "extra credit" dish when she didn't have to do it.

Padma comes into the Stew Room and asks to see Kevin, Kenny, Andrea, and Kelly. Hmmm...sounds like Top 4! Yup. Kevin's couscous was well received. Padma liked Kenny's sweet and sour curried eggplant, and Tom says she's tough on curry, so that's high praise! Kelly gets very favorable reviews from Chef Ripert for her vegetable dish with beets.

The winner? Kenny!

Timothy, Amanda, and Stephen are in the Bottom 3. Colicchio was pretty pointed with Timothy and how he tried to fix the dish but it didn't work. O'Connell's "concrete truck pouring onto silk" analogy to the dressing on Stephen's salad was SO visual! And Amanda's soup was amateurish - as if Grandma has chopped the vegetables with her axe. :-)

(And Kenny is winning 63% to 37% in the biggest Alpha Male survey <g>).

This is a tough one, but I'm thinking Stephen or Amanda go home. Well, I was wrong - it's Timothy going home!

And interesting in the previews - they'll be judging themselves in the EC next week. And even MORE interesting - Angelo is helping Stephen and Tamesha in their cooking...Angela wonders if he's got some game playing going on...could he be trying to bring along some weaker chefs so he goes up against them nearer the end? Anyone think that?

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