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Top Chef - D.C. - Ep. #11 - 08/25/10 (Spoilers)


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Top Chef - D.C. - Ep. #11 - 08/25/10 (Spoilers)

LindaWhit | Aug 25, 2010 07:13 PM

LOL! Interesting way to start off the episode - in the morning at the TC House, Ed comes out of his room in Tiffany's dress when he gets up in the morning! Too funny!

And Kelly says in the confessional she wasn't surprised that Amanda was in the bottom 3 last challenge; she wants Amanda to go home. Meanwhile, Angelo is working through his brain to get himself psyched back up, while Amanda is laughing at Angelo saying mantras to himself. I'm wondering if Amanda and Angelo are going to be featured prominently in the bottom group this week, Magical Elves?

And then there were six! For the QuickFire, Padma starts to say various food sayings: Top Dog, The Big Cheese, Top Banana, Flash in the Pan...Padma's trying to get across the point of the QF, which is create a dish based on various Food Idioms. The winner's recipe will go into Schwann's frozen meals delivery service.

Kevin - Bring Home the Bacon
Amanda - The Big Cheese
Kelly - Sour Grapes
Ed - Hot Potato
Tiffany - Spill the Beans
Angelo - Bigger Fish to Fry

As they start the challenge, Ed is trashing Amanda in the confessional, while Angelo is saying that he thinks that Amanda is a dark horse. Amanda is getting a LOT of confessional time, which Angelo is talking to himself a lot.

Ed's Hot Potato gnocchi dish looks GREAT! Angelo makes a good point about Kevin's Bacon 3-way dish - it would virtually impossible to become a frozen dish.

Rick Moonen didn't like Kelly's Sour Grapes dish, nor Amanda's Big Cheese baked mac & cheese dish.

The dishes that were on the top were Kevin's bacon dish - so maybe Moonen isn't thinking about how the dish could be frozen as well? Ed's Potato dish was also a favorite of his.

And Ed wins the Quickfire! Angelo said he can see Ed's face being on the wrapping of the frozen dish, as "Ed's face kind of looks like a potato." ;-)

For the Elimination Challenge, they're going to take over two concession stands at Washington Nationals Park on a Game Day during the pre-game. They're tasked with creating game snacks, but with a higher-end flair to the Scooby Snacks. They're working as ONE team to create the snacks.

Chef Rick Moonen is again the guest judge, and baseball players Adam Dunn, Matt Capps and John Lannan make an appearance.

During planning, it gets interesting - Amanda said she wanted to do something cold with crab, but THEN Kelly said she was planning on doing crab cakes - could Amanda do something with fish instead of crab? And Amanda capitulates! WHY? WHY do they give in when someone else says they want to do something using the same ingredient? So now she's going to make tuna tartare? Rut-roh! for Amanda. Kevin's going to do a chicken skewer with a Romesco sauce and fried potatoes alongside. That sounds good to me!

Tiffany's making something smart for ballgame fare - she's making a high-end version of sausage and peppers - AND she's making her own sausage! Angelo is braising pork (not sure what he's making though), and Ed is doing shrimp and corn poppers. Don't know HOW he does it, as he's running around the TC kitchen like a whirling dervish, but Ed's difficult prep on his poppers actually gets done before the clock runs out.

Back at the house, Amanda realized they didn't have anyone to take orders in the Nationals' kitchen. Angelo steps up when no one else says they'll do it and says he'll take the orders. Lots more confessional talk from Amanda as well. I'm thinking one of those two are going home? And then Kevin is saying he doesn't trust Angelo in taking orders? Why? Angelo would potentially have to trust more that someone is going to plate his food properly when it's called out by him!

At the ballpark kitchen the next day, Angelo realizes he can't cook his dish and take orders at the same time. So Angelo is saying he's not going to take all the orders; he gives guest check order pads to everyone, but Kevin said "We're not going to do that!" and throws it back at him. He said that Angelo never should have taken on the role of the orders. I *do* have to agree with that. Ed said he'd cook Angelo's dish, and both Tiffany and Amanda said they'd help plate and get it up to the pass.

Tom brings the 3 (very large!) Washington Nationals' players into the kitchen with only 25 minutes to finish cooking. Kelly's saying how cute the players are, and Amanda said "All I can think of is 'Tom, get out of the kitchen and take your tree trunks with you!" LOL

Comments by the cheftestants just as the crowd is about to walk up to the concession stands: "Fifty-six seconds!" "It's about to get ugly, boys and girls!" "It got ugly the minute you walked into this place!" :-)

Tiffany's sausage meatballs and peppers and Kelly's crab cakes are the hot favorites. Kevin's chicken skewers are favored by the ball players, but so are Tiffany's sausage meatballs.

Kelly's crab cakes and sweet potato fries and Tiffany's meatball sub both look WONDERFUL! Moonen's comment "Raw fish at a stadium - that takes some (base)balls!" is still funny. Padma finds Kelly's crab cakes a bit salty, and Tom Colicchio said "If the challenge was to get you to drink more beer, it worked!" :-)

Angelo's sweet glazed pork looks good, too, as did Kevin's chicken skewers, and Ed's corn and shrimp fritters - ALL THREE look great! But how do they taste? Ed gets good reviews on his dish, but Kevin's dish isn't getting a lot of orders. Someone said "Because of all of these interesting dishes, why would you come to a ballpark and order chicken?" Hmmm...

Just before going to commercial, Angelo is defending himself at JT. Was it because he's on the bottom? They then show Angelo talking late at night with his Russan fiancée and Angelo saying "When I win the $250K, the first thing I'm going to do is get her over here from Russia and get all the visa stuff figured out."

Padma comes into the Stew Room, and asks to see ALL of them at JT... So Angelo does defend himself in front of everyone. Padma asks how Angelo took over the orders and he explains...sort of. But hey - did Tiffany just throw Angelo under the bus a little bit? And then Kevin did as well. Not sure that'll factor into final judging, however.

Ed's fritters were in the top group, as was Tiffany's meatball dish. Moonen announces that the winner is: Ed's fritters! And HE gets a double win! WHOA! He wins a trip to Australia! He also wins Moonen's new cookbook. :-)

So the remaining four of Angelo, Amanda, Kevin and Kelly. Tom calls out Amanda for grinding her tuna for the tartare the day before. Kevin's called out for the soggy fries. Kelly's called out for her slightly soft crab cakes, but I think she'll stay in, as they seemed to like the flavor of the crab cakes overall. Angelo's pork dish was called out for too much sugar and a LOT of soggy bread to the amount of pork. And they're sent back while judges deliberate. And Kevin's frites on top of the skewer was called a "fatal mistake" by Padma.

OK, who do I think is going home? Amanda or Kevin. But it could be any one of them. Yup - it's Amanda going home! She's the only sous chef that made it that far.

Next week for the last challenge before Final 4 - they're at NASA and Buzz Aldrin will be a special guest!

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