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Top Chef Canada, Season 3, Episode 8


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Top Chef Canada, Season 3, Episode 8

chefhound | May 6, 2013 09:58 PM

We start off with Lisa in the stew room, informing the chefs that they can't go home to rest - they have to make pizza dough first.

Quickfire: Make a Buitoni frozen pizza. The chefs have to create their pizza, freeze it in the blast freezer and then bake it. The guest judge is Massimo Capra. There's no immunity but the winner will win a trip to Casa Buitoni in Tuscany.

On the bottom: Matthew and Caity
On the top: Becky and Dennis
And the winner is Becky. The win makes her a team captain in Restaurant Wars. She also gets to pick the captain of the other team. And she chooses Caity. The winning team will win $25,000.

Elimination: Restaurant wars at the Carlu. Guest judge is Norman Laprise.

Team Osteria Ceci: Becky, Nicole, Danny and Dennis. They designate Nicole as Front of House.
Team Noir: Caity, Matthew, Jonathan and Geoff. Geoff volunteers to be FOH.

Team Noir seems to be in trouble during prep. And Geoff's FOH performance is a bit shaky. But Caity seems to be expediting well and the food seems to be good.

Team Osteria Ceci seems ok during prep but Nicole's FOH service is well received. Becky's expediting is not going well. The food is not well received except for the dessert.

The winning team is Restaurant Noir. They will split $25,000. The losing team is Osteria Ceci. As the judges question and critique the team, Becky interrupts and volunteers to go home. So they send her home.

I'm surprised to find myself not despising Caity as much anymore. In fact, Becky has far surpassed her on my hate list. She has been wearing on my nerves and I'm pretty glad she's gone. Her arrogance was unbelievable and unwarranted. Mark McEwan said the food was amateurish. Ouch! Becky didn't taste the food and was completely resistant to the judges' critique. Shereen challenged her but Becky won't accept any other opinions but her own. Shereen called her a quitter. I would have to agree. She volunteered to leave because she just won't accept any criticism and is tired of having to listen to criticism. Becky did not take the fall because she felt responsible for her team's failure, like Kristen in TC Seattle. Good riddance.

Is it just me or was the Quickfire really lame. What was the purpose of freezing the pizza? I know the challenge was sponsored by a frozen pizza company but there was no mention during the tasting of any effects from freezing, so what's the point?

Next week's guest judge: Michael Voltaggio!!

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