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Top Chef Canada, Season 2, Episode 5 (spoilers)

chefhound | Apr 10, 2012 11:44 AM

So this week it's snacking for sports fans and retro canapes.

Quickfire: Make a sports-friendly snack for Colby Armstrong of the Toronto Maple Leafs, incorporating Tostitos. Almost everyone uses the Tostitos as a crust for something.
Jimmy just uses the chip in its natural form, which doesn't impress Colby. Also unimpressive: Jonathan's jalapeno popper and Joel's onion rings with ketchup and a weird slaw that didn't seem to belong.
The top: Elizabeth with her chicken fingers and Tostito-crusted chicken skin, Gabriell's "the works" and Xavier's chicken finger and caramelized Tostito, which strangely I was thinking of when the challenge was presented (I've been meaning to try making a caramelized matzo cracker). The winner: Xavier

Elimination: The chefs must choose a canister which contains information about an era from which they must find inspiration for a canape. And the guest judge is Alan Thicke.
The top: Elizabeth's puff pastry duo (I wonder if she make the puff or bought it?), Carl's sliders with foie gras and homemade buns, Curtis' lemon meringue "pie" and Trista's "fruit punch".
The bottom: Gabriell's compressed fruit salad and tea sandwich, Ryan's salmon melt, Jimmy's almond cheese cracker and Joel's glazed ham and pineapple.
The winner: Carl. And Joel goes home for glazed ham.

Elizabeth seems to be causing a bit of conflict. Jimmy should have just taken her tomatoes out of the oven since he reserved the oven first. Then fighting with Gabriell, and last week with Trista and who was it before that? Why can't people succeed without being jerks to other people? Like my new favourite Top Chef, Paul Qui! He never said a mean thing to anyone and helped everyone he could. He won on his cooking, period. Learn from that Elizabeth!
I have to say, great job Curtis. Those lemon meringue things looked amazing! You are really rocking those desserts, usually the downfall of most Top Chefs.
I'm not surprised by Joel's elimination. He has underwhelmed me from the start. When I saw he was literally making a glazed ham, I knew he was done. Come on Joel! The least you could have done was reinterpret it a bit. How about a ham mousse on a grilled pineapple disk? Or a pineapple mousse on a piece of grilled ham? And that's just off the top of my head.

Restaurant wars next week.

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