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Top Chef Canada, Season 2, Episode 3 (spoilers)

chefhound | Mar 27, 2012 01:02 PM

The pregnancy episode. A pregnancy-related quickfire and elimination.

Quickfire: The chefs have to draw knives twice to determine which disparate ingredients they have to use to create a dish for the very pregnant Thea Andrews, host of TC Canada Season 1. There's blueberries and cilantro, pickles and peanut butter, durian and white chocolate, oatmeal and wasabi and so on.
The Top 3: Jimmy's wasabi chicken wings with apple, oatmeal wasabi pea sauce; Ryan's black cod with tomato and licorice root; and Sergio's pork tenderloin with dark chocolate foie gras sauce with sage. The winner: Jimmy.

Elimination: The chefs are paired together and have to cater a baby shower for Shereen and Thea. One chef from each team must make a "boy" dish and one chef must make a "girl" dish. The teams: Elizabeth and Ryan; Jonathan and Jimmy; Sarah and Xavier; Carl and Trista; Joel and Sergio; Trevor and Curtis; David and Gabriell.
Elizabeth and Jonathan both made Maple Bacon doughnuts. Hers have potato in them, his were made at the very last minute so they were super fresh.
The Top 4: Trevor's beef tenderloin with confit potatoes and black peppercorn jam; Curtis' pink peppercorn meyer lemon macarons; Jonathan's maple bacon doughnuts; Carl's truffled poached salmon on a potato chip. And the winner is Curtis!
The Bottom 4: Sarah's sweet rice ball with chili chocolate sauce with prosciutto fat, Xavier's goat cheese, fig crispy prosciutto ball, David's cornbread with white chocolate and lemon thyme; Joel's scallop sausage with bacon.
Sarah is sent home.

My thoughts: Surprised that it was Sarah. The way they were talking about Sergio's dish, I was sure he was a goner. I mean, two of the judges couldn't even eat it. Though the ingredients sounded like they could work. Sarah's addition of the prosciutto fat sounded like a bad idea to me. I like prosciutto but sometimes there is a slightly rancid (that's not the right word but I can't think of the word) flavour to prosciutto and lardo type items that would not be a welcome addition to chocolate.
Congratulations to Curtis' winning macaron. Sounds delicious. I though Trevor also had a good chance of winning.
As some others have mentioned on previous threads, they haven't shown the judges tasting all the dishes in the quickfire. I not 100% sure but I think on Top Chef US, they provide a description of each contestant's dish in the quickfire, even though they may not show the judges tasting the dish. I find it frustrating to not even know what each chef has made. I understand if there isn't time to show the tasting of each dish but at least let us know what they made!
Finally, I don't mean to go on about this but I have to say: The elimination challenge was at George, which is in the building they show at every intro, which is my building. That's where I work. Is Top Chef going on all around me? Could I have crashed that baby shower? Got in on a quickfire? I'm going to be on the lookout for next season!

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