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Top Chef Canada, Season 2, Episode 2 (spoilers)

chefhound | Mar 20, 201209:43 AM

I can't do a blow-by-blow recap a la LindaWhit but here's a very brief summary.

The Mike Holmes episode. I'm a fan of Mike Holmes but is he really the best judge in a culinary competition?

Quickfire: The contestants have to prepare a dish for Mike Holmes (he's a meatetarian) using construction tools only. They are not allowed to use anything in their knife kits. Some pretty scary scenarios where quite a few of the chefs look like they're going saw off a finger or two.

Mike doesn't appear to like the raw fish offerings. And he doesn't like fruit. The top dishes: Pork chop, chicken salad sandwich and onion veloute with chorizo.
And the onion soup with chorizo of Gabriell wins and he wins immunity.

Elimination: They draw knives and are organized into 3 groups. The chefs have to cook for 100 people at a Habitat for Humanity work site.
The teams are: Team Green: Gabriell, David, Elizabeth, Jonathan and Carl. Team Red: Trista, Sarah, Jimmy, Sergio and Curtis. Team Yellow: Trevor, Xavier, Ryan, Joel and Kunal.

The Green team wins. The Yellow team loses. The winner is Elizabeth with Chipotle barbecue chicken, apple slaw and lavender lemonade. The loser is Kunal with his harissa yogurt marinated barbeque pork on a tortilla "flatbread".

Random thoughts:
I'm sad that Kunal is gone. I had hopes for him to make it to the end. He made such a strong start.

Shopping at McEwan? The stuff is a bit pricey there. They usually have a restrictive budget, might make it difficult to serve large numbers of people.

Corn with bacon butter? Sounds pretty delicious!

Points for making fresh tortillas, Team Green.

Joel, please stop saying "Rad"!

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