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Top Chef Canada, Season 2, Episode 11 (spoilers)

chefhound | May 21, 2012 11:42 PM

Getting close to the end. Only 5 chefs left.

Quickfire: Lisa announces that it's a high-stakes quickfire. Everybody groans. But apparently it's just a high-stakes prize, not an elimination quickfire. Fooled me with last week's promo. The guest judge is Keshia Chante and it's a Kraft dinner challenge. The chefs have to make 2 dishes. One dish has to be refined and one dish more homestyle. The winner gets $10,000. Xavier has never had KD before.

Trevor makes roasted garlic KD with mustard, broccoli and spicy sausage but he plates it two ways. Jonathan makes a stuffed tomato with KD, sausage, sundried tomatoes and olives for his everyday dish and a coconut curry KD for his refined dish. David makes grilled mac 'n cheese sandwich for his everyday dish and bacon-wrapped KD with scallop for his refined dish. Carl makes KD with lobster, dill and lemon for his everyday dish and fennel and KD bruschetta with tomato, tomatillo, bacon and cilantro. Xavier makes mac 'n cheese with whipped cream sauce with caramelized onion and for his refined dish, he makes cranberry and KD with roasted duck breast and caramelized fig.

On the bottom: Trevor and Jonathan.
On the top: David and Xavier.
And David wins $10,000.

Elimination: The chefs have to prepare a 6-course Italian feast for Lidia Bastianich. David draws Pesce, Xavier draws Primi, Carl gets Secondi, Trevor gets Dolce and Jonathan get Zuppa. The chefs also have work together to prepare an Antipasti course.
They are cooking at Fabbrica, McEwan's Italian restaurant. Guests are: Carlo Rota, Rick Campanelli, Lorenzo Loseto and Franco Stalteri.
For the antipasti: grilled and marinated octopus with cucumber; prosciutto grissini; beef and eggplant involtino; lemon-marinated artichokes and black olive flatbreads.
For the zuppa, Jonathan makes a deconstructed stacciatella with poached egg and parmesan in a tomato chicken broth.
For the primi, Xavier makes pappardelle with braised veal breast and radicchio.
For the pesce, David makes wood-fire roasted european sea bass and sea bream with fennel and radish.
For the secondi, Carl prepares leg of lamb with garlic and herbs, pork sausage with fennel, and chili with caramelized onion. He also prepared arugula, fennel and preserved lemon salad, and mushroom celery mousseline.
For the dolce, Trevor prepares lemon granita with Campari and tiramisu.
The top: David and Jonathan.
The bottom: Xavier, Trevor and Carl.
The winner is Jonathan and Xavier goes home.
As the winner, Jonathan wins a trip to New York. As the runner-up, David's dish will be featured at Milestones and $3,000.

Au revoir, Xavier. You had a good run but the judges hate too much salt. Someone else has to really screw up to beat that in the judges' minds.
David's really on a roll and Carl and Trevor are on a serious decline. Until recently, I would have definitely called Carl and Trevor as the front runners. Strange to see them in the bottom. Now they're sliding and David is rising. Maybe Jonathan, who has been relatively steady, will take it. It's getting down to the wire.

Next week, the chefs are getting some sous chefs in the form of last season's contestants.

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