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Top Chef 5 - Picks for Top Three?


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Top Chef 5 - Picks for Top Three?

dave_c | Jan 22, 2009 08:08 AM

Here's how I see the chefs...

Top Three
1. Stefan - He's the one to beat.
Pros: Has solid skill and the "take command" attitude.
Cons: Can't work with others... at times food seems boring and safe

2. Fabio - a good chef and food looks appealing.
Maybe I'm buying into the Team Euro hype?

3. Jaime - Good skills seem, but has some two big misses in elimination challenges. Another plus, stands up to Stefan.

Middle tier:
4. Jeff - has skills but seems discombobulated where his dishes lack the finishing touch to put him over the top.

5. Hosea - I'm not sure about this guy. Claims to specialize in seafood, but his one elimination challenge win was for pork loin. Also, he's the one that tried to pass off horrible canned crab.

Bottom tier:
6. Leah - Won a few quickfires, but terrible in elimination challenges.... Needs to be given direction, can't seem to work on her own.

7. Carla - has become the pastry chef of the show... I don't remember her last savory dish.

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