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Top five Baltimore area pizza places?


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Top five Baltimore area pizza places?

Warthog | Aug 21, 2006 02:34 PM

Let me reveal my ulterior motives up front. If I were to ask for the best pizza in the Baltimore area, we'd probably get a lot of responses citing the same small group of places. By asking for your top five, I'm hoping to do two things.

First, I hope to get some mentions of places I've not tried, rather than a series of "me too" accolades for the top places. Second, I hope to find out something about how you rank the top handful, which will give me some insight into how your preferences map to mine, which will come in handy if you mention someplace I haven't tried.

That said, I'd also like to request that if you have a particular set of toppings that you use as your benchmark, please mention what it is. If instead, you like a place particularly for the variety of toppings available, mention that, too.

To kick things off, my top five at the moment are

1. Matthew's
2. Joe Squared
3. Cafe Amore (Glen Burnie)
4. Iggie's
5. B.O.P.

Close-but-no-cigar - Uno's (yeah, I know - it's a chain), if only because it's the closet thing to Chicago deep dish in the area, though the Uno's chain has badly degraded their "deep dish" from the original.

In my case, my usual benchmark pizza is sausage and onion, at least for thin crust pizzas.

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