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Tony Bourdain Interview on Amazon


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Tony Bourdain Interview on Amazon

Phaedrus | Jan 16, 2007 06:10 PM

Amazon sends me these PLog's, they are more like plugs. Anyways, Bourdain was in the pacific northwest filming the Seattle No Reservations show and they were able to interview him. I just read the bits that they put out but it seems there is a more extensive interview in .wav format somewhere deep in the heart of Amazon.

He talks about how the show is popular in Asia and that the Chinese seem to enjoy getting this foreign devil to eat stuff that they won't touch themselves.

He also talks about how all these celebrity chefs do seem to help the overall food ethos in the world right now. He grudgingly admits that there is, indeed, a place for the Jamie Olivers of the world.

He went off on the dumbing down of Food TV and bemoans the fact that the suits have stated that they don't want good cooks fronting the shows, he bemoans the fact that Sara Moulton and Mario does not have stand up shows anymore.


On the Food Channel
"The Food Network's about food the way MTV is about music, which is to say, not at all anymore." OUch!

On Emeril and the Food Channel:
"Man, he looks like Escoffier these days compared to some of the acts they've got on there now."

On the Food TV "talent" but specifically on Sandra Lee.
"They're growing their own talent--like industry bands--out of Petri dishes, and teach them to cook, I think, then build brands around them. I understand the economics behind it, it works for them, but you look at some of the food--like Sandra Lee, how to feed your family on Cheez Whiz, Triscuits, and a jar of olives--that's not food. "

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