Tomatoes with taste? Seeds available


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Tomatoes with taste? Seeds available

medlar | Jan 29, 2017 12:37 PM

The seeds available now are not the final version, but a January 27 New York Times article on tomato research (traditional breeding) - says this:

"For home gardeners, there is already a version available, a cross between the best-tasting heirlooms and a modern variety. In exchange for a donation of $10 or more, Dr. Klee’s laboratory will send a packet of seeds." <> You receive two varieties, described further on the Web site (scroll down).

Alas, "... maybe it’s too late.
In the tasting panels, there were noticeable differences in preferences: between men and women, between foodies and nonfoodies, and, perhaps most interesting, between older people and younger people. He recalled one of the students working in his laboratory picking out the supermarket tomato as her favorite in one of the taste tests.
'That bothers me a lot,” Dr. Klee said. “Have we trained a whole generation that doesn’t know what a good tomato is?'"

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