Tomato plants/roots (?) being eaten by please, what to do?


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Tomato plants/roots (?) being eaten by please, what to do?

iL Divo | Aug 3, 2010 11:00 AM

They've done this before. They ate all my rose plant roots. But then were gone.
Apparently, they're back. What to do?

I have 5 large tomato plants that are now dying plants.
Turning yellow, leaves are dead and/or dying off/withering.
When this happened with the roses, I couldn't figure out what the problem was.
Until I lifted the tops of the dying rose plants and they came straight up and out of the dirt, roots gone.
I found evidence of gopher activity. Two "patio tomato plants" I planted together under the same tomato basket, now, one is completely gone, whole plant gone, all tomatoes gone. We realized all this when we returned from our recent vacation. If I look closely at where it was, I see a tiny bit of dirt scuffed up where it used to be. Like it'd been being dug from underneath.

I can only figure this is what's happening to the other 5 plants that are looking bleak. Any suggestions as to what to do? I can't find the gophers. I can only water and feed with Miracle Grow as usual. Do they make a MiracleBeGone for gophers?
Any suggestions are appreciated, thank you.

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