Tomato agronomists, please respond


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Tomato agronomists, please respond

Chefpaulo | Aug 3, 2014 02:38 PM

As a foodie in my sixth decade, having had a food technologist father and gourmet cook mother, and loving and eating luscious summer tomatoes all my life, I have never seen this before.

I cut into one yesterday only to find little white and green things thinking I had a wormy one. Putting on my glasses, I could see that all the seeds had seemingly sprouted into cotyledons. Getting tweezers, I pulled out some that were over 2 inches long - all curled around inside this otherwise unremarkable tomato - bearing twin leaves. Unprecedented for me. Furthermore, there were no surface indications of rot, incision or damage of any kind.

Did I get some kind of freak or is this some cross-breeding, hyper-germination whatever phenomenon worthy of a journal article? What genetic/chemical/temperature condition would have caused this? I await your sagacious input.

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