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Hi everyone,

We will be in Tokyo in May for 10 days, I am trying to lock down the options and securing reservations where needed and wanted to get your recommendations or suggestions on the below.

We will be staying in Shinjuku and our budget is ~20k yen per day per person. There are still a number of free dinner slots where I am not sure what else to fit in, any suggestions appreciated. My wife would like to try each of the following - Tempura, Tonkatsu, Yakitori, Unagi, Ramen. My goal was to find the best options for each of these and fitting them into the itinerary or even better, making a reservation.

Are there any recommendations for great Tempura, Tonkatsu, Yakitori and Unagi places for dinner? Any that take reservations would be great but not a must.

I have Tsunahachi and Narikura on the list but am not sure if these are the best options for Tempura and Tonkatsu resepectively.

Do you think the itinerary is too focused on Japanese-French cuisine? I found it hard to narrow down the recommended list of Japanese-French options from one of the other threads, given how many great options there are and the bargain (C/P) menus on offer at lunch.

On the last Tokyo trip, we tried Le Sputnik and thoroughly enjoyed it. Of particular interest is Simplicite with fish being the primary ingredient, it brings back memories of La Table d'Aki in Paris, one of our more memorable meals.

Day 1: Arrive 6:00 at Haneda airport
12:00 - L'Eau (booked)
18:00 - Shin Udon

Day 2:
12:00 - Hirosaku (booked)
18:00 - Mantensushi

Day 3:
12:00 - Esquisse (booked)
18:00 - Tsunahachi Shinjuku or Ginza ?

Day 4:
12:00 - Simplicite
18:00 -

Days 5 & 6: Trip to Hakone
Day 6 evening (back in Tokyo) - dinner at Rokkasen

Day 7:
12:00 - Nabeno-Ism or one of the sushi options
18:00 - Narikura ?

Day 8: Day trip to Kamakura

Day 9:
12:00 - L'Effervescence (booked)
18:00 -

Day 10:
12:00 - Ode (booked)
18:00 -
22:00 flight from HND airport

A bit of a shock (to me) to see so few sushi meals and not one for ramen, we (or I) may have to find a third stomach to fit a late night ramen meal in. Part of the lack of sushi meals is due to the difficulty I have had in making reservations to my preferred sushi ya with our hotel concierge (Sushi Keita, Ryusuke, Sushi Shin, Suzuki, Kyubey and Sushi Taichi). I even made 5 reservation requests with pocket concierge on 5 separate dates that freed up for Keita, but each time it failed. I'm not sure if it is because it was because I booked in the Japanese language website and they realised I am a foreigner.

Thanks in advance.

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