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tofu house in milpitas - worth trying; long report

Evaleen | May 14, 200211:10 PM     4

If anyone's in the Milpitas area, there's a new Korean tofu house right on the corner of Dixon Landing Road and Milpitas Blvd. off the 880 Fwy (near a Walgreen's drug store) that's worth a try. Sorry, I can't remember the name and it's not in the yellow pages yet but I'll update this post when I know.

The menu is simple - offering about 5 different tofu bowls w/different meats. I tried the vegetarian mushroom bowl. You get to choose the level of spiciness. The bowls are black and hot and are served just as the silken tofu hits the bowl so everything's at the boiling point when you get it. You also get a brown egg which you're supposed to crack into the bowl of tofu.

Your meal comes with a bowl of white short grained rice, mixed with a few grains of black rice which gives the rice a purple-ish look. The servers serve you the rice out of a larger bowl; once all the rice has been served, the server pours tea into this larger bowl and you can then drink the rice-infused tea.

The meals are all served with standard small dishes of Korean delicacies - an array of kim chee, spinach, fish cake, snow pea greens, tiny dried fish, bean sprouts.

The menu also includes barbecued beef (I tried my husband's and it was quite tasty and tender), barbecued beef ribs, and barbecued chicken, in addition to a few specialties such as soybean stew. Soybean stew is a golden-yellow paste of smashed soybeans mixed with onions and mushrooms, served with a side of spicy soy-sesame sauce. That's a lot of s's. This is also very tasty (and healthy - think of all that protein and fiber). Anyway, prices range from $6 - 8 dollars per entree.

The restaurant is new and clean, and the servers are very helpful and attentive.

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