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Toddlers, Small Children and Babies learning to eat!


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Toddlers, Small Children and Babies learning to eat!

chef chicklet | Jul 14, 2007 10:37 PM

There are a few of us with CH that have all of the above.
I was asked to post this recipe and to get a thread for those of us that would like to share our recipes and ideas for feeding this young group. The following meal is appropriate for a child that has been eating table food, and has no problems chewing.

I have found that I really don't want to feed my toddler (18 months) jar or packaged toddler meals. They are tasteless, unappealing and really expensive. Luckily we are at a point that he can eat what we are having. Unless its spicy than I have to rethink his meal. I also will make breakfast and lunch for him and trying to make different things that he'll like, keeps me on my toes.

OK so I finally wrote down what I think I remember doing when I made Alex his own
Lasagna with Turkey meatballs. All I know is he loved it, I had made a pretty big dish of it, and seems like my DH loved it too. It was good, the meatballs were so tender, and the carrots and zuchinni were just the right size for him to pick up.

He won't let me feed him (or anyone else) so we have to put his food on his tray. He tries to use his little fork and spoon but most of the time it's his hands that get the food into his mouth ( and hair and floor, etc.)

Pasta seems to be his favorite, and its the easiest way for me to get carrots and zucchini into a meal as well as fresh tomatoes. He doesn't have any allergies so far, and he is for the most part a very good eater. I'd like to begin this thread with a few of my own food ideas and the recipes are really quite simple. They may or may not work for you, as we all know every child is different and they will let us know soon enough whether or not they like what their served.
Bambino Lasagna with Turkey Meatballs

Tiny Turkey meatballs

¾ lb of ground white turkey meat
1 egg beaten
2 T grated or onion chopped very fine
1 garlic clove chopped fine
1 T grated Romano
1 T parsley cut fine
Bread crumbs
Chicken broth
Sea salt and fresh pepper

1 zucchini- cut small
1 carrot – cut small
1T onion-finely cut
1 clove garlic
Saute and then add to the sauce

Marinara – mine or make your own
3 fresh tomatoes – chopped seeded/ chopped fine/ save the tomato water
1 can Tomato sauce – unsalted
2 tsp Tomato paste
1 T basil
Salt pepper
Dash of sugar
Sprinkling of Herbs de Province – be careful the lavender doesn’t take over the sauce so a ¼ tsp would be fine. Or use dried basil.

The Pasta is your choice I am able to find these darling little baby lasagna noodles, but any interesting pasta shape will do.
1/3 Cup Ricotta cheese – low fat and some fresh romano for the top

I made this without measuring everything exactly so I hope you can get the gist without that!


Mix the turkey with beaten egg, add the onion and garlic, salt and pepper and then except the bread crumbs and broth.
Mix the bread crumbs in and then add a little broth. Alternate until your meatball sticks together and will form a nice tiny little meatball- wet you hands, it will make the rolling easier. Tiny and I mean about 1 ½ inch diameter. Bake them or fry until they are ALMOST cooked, this should not take to long so watch them.
Drain them on a clean towel. Reserve

For the Sauce
I use fresh tomatoes, blanch, peel and seed, save the tomato water for the sauce. Chop fairly small- I don’t want any choking so I do this fairly fine chop
Then into the sauté pan, garlic, onion, in a miniscule amount of butter or broth, the idea is to soften it quickly then add the zucchini and carrots, soften all well. To a larger sauté add all the tomato ingredients, and then add the veggies, and the seasonings. Let it reduce a bit, then once you have it to the desired thickness and the veggies are soft add the meat balls. Turn it off.

Boil the pasta –cook desired pasta, not too al dente, but not mushy.
Heat the sauce back up, and then slowly add your pasta – should be on the saucy side. Add them to the sauce, being careful not to break the meatballs.
You can serve it this way, or you can now put it into a baking dish. I used a about a 3 inch deep oval, and put the pasta in there, top it with small spoonfuls of ricotta cheese and baked it for about 20 minutes at 350.
Then cool, and serve when ready

Garlic toast is made from hamburger buns ( I always have them in the freezer and this is perfect!)
1 T olive oil with about ¼ tsp butter
1 half clove of garlic minced very fine - heat the garlic in the oil to cook the garlic, then add a bit of butter, spoon over the buns and broil - cut into 6 triagles.

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