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rworange | May 25, 200811:19 PM

Searching for something else, I lost my way and wandered into the topic of toast.

What bread do you toast? What is your toasting methology?

This 2006 article about the 100th anniversary has some interesting pictures of toasters and toast recipes ... milk toast, cinnamon toast, crostini, brushetta, toast points, toast fingers.

This link contains two milk toast recipes, cream toast, buttered toast and water toast. To make the toast it advises ...

"Good Toast - cannot be made from fresh bread or over a poor fire. Stale bread (a day or so old) should be cut in thin slices and toasted over live, clear coals or over a very hot stove until of an even, rich, deep, golden brown on both sides. In making toast the slices should be turned two or three times to insure crispness through the entire piece."

From the 1896 Boston Cooking School Cook book add tomato cream toast

The second detour on my search had to do with milk toast. M. F. K. Fisher called milk toast a "warm, mild, soothing thing, full of innocent strength ... a small modern miracle of gastronomy ... an instinctive palliative, something like boiled water." Some milk toast links

Milk toast with scrambled eggs

Nigella's Bread with Warm milk comfort food

There is a story that when a chef refused to make milk toast Hemmingway put the chef in the hospital for arguing "`what kind of a S.O.B. would order milk toast at midnight.'' Hemmingway was no milktoast.

Anyway ... I like any kind of toast except some challah toast. Toasting brings out an egginess to it that is unpleasant.

I prefer a toaster. I don't like toaster oven toast. However, reading about toasting bread over coals has a certain romance to it.

I don't often toast fresh bread because it is a waste of the nanosecond that bread is at its finest. I often make toast as a tasty way to use up stale bread.

I like my toast medium. I can eat flavored toasts like cinnamon raisin plain, but prefer to butter plain toast ... though when I'm feeling queasy plain toast is comfort food.

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