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Toas-tite pocket sandwiches


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Toas-tite pocket sandwiches

Tom E. | Feb 15, 2002 04:11 PM

Hello to all,

I was doing a search on Toas-tite due to the fact that I have my mother's old Toas-tite. In doing the search I stumbled across this news group. Nice. The posts were a year or so old, but there seemed to be some confusion about the Toas-tite. Here's what I know from personal experience:

Mom must have had this thing since before I was born. I'm now 54 and Mom passed away in 1991. She used to butter the outside of two slices of bread and place the bread on either clam shell, add the filling, which was always a leftover, clamp the toas-tite closed (it has two handles with wood grips and a bale on the handle to hold the device closed), trim the crust, and put the toas-tite directly on the stove burner (we had electric range). She'd check after a period of time and when the bread on one side was golden to just slightly brown, she'd turn the toas-tite over and brown the other half. The pocket sandwiches come out round.

For fillings, she'd use left over chili, left over chow mein, and other left overs. One word of caution, when the pocket sandwich is first out, be careful! The contents are rocket hot.

Since Mom spent her twenties in the Depression, she knew how to make left overs out of left overs and the food was always good.

I found the toas-tite in the bottom drawer (read junk drawer) of the stove today and we are haveing pocket sandwiches filled with left over chili for dinner tonight.

BTW, there is one for sale on e-bay. Search on "sandwich maker" or toas-tite. You'll also see a small picture of it.

Hope this is of interest.


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