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TNFNS - "Train" [Wreck] Challenge - spoiler

goodhealthgourmet | Jun 9, 200806:28 AM

what a disaster.

they should have booted nipa on principle alone. did we learn nothing from last season's waffler? anyone think the judges just handed her a chance to pull an amy finley & win this thing? i get that they want to keep her around to potentially add some ethnic diversity to the network, but come on. the self-proclaimed "spice girl" hasn't a clue how to control her spices. last week there was no spice. this week it needed salt...and even bobby flay thought it was too spicy. um, hello red flag! i wonder how many more times she'll debate going home or question whether she really wants to be there.

i can't believe the dallas diva was in the top two, and apparently she's finally getting the hint that no one understood her bizarre initial culinary point of view. "beautiful basics" is much better, i wonder if she'll stick with it. she even got a thumbs up from bobby flay. i'm still waiting for the episode where she takes a dive in her stilettos.

and what's with jennifer? glazed baby carrots last week, and now bland french toast that even her 7-year-old daughter can make? [she said it, not me.] yawn. she's just so boring.

i'm also having a hard time watching kelsey. she's still got that possessed cheerleader thing going on, and her duck salad sounded too sweet. plus the judges said it was overcooked and overdressed. and she somehow made it into the top three with that!

the chefs all have a lot to learn about plating. most of it looked like slop. even aaron's winning dish, which potentially sounded good, looked really unappealing with that orange goo covering the steak. all i could see was chunks of orange zest. but was glad to see him come out of his shell and actually cook food that tasted good. and he definitely had the best line of the night:

"i'm black, i'm from camden...no way i'm playing a bank robber!"

or something to that effect.

i was sorry to see kevin go. i liked his personality, and with a little coaching from the judges he could have modified his point of view. adam should have gone home for the raw eggs.

as for getting a new "star" out of this crop...i think the food network is screwed.

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