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TJ's black lentils: rave, lament, and request


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TJ's black lentils: rave, lament, and request

Tatania | May 10, 2005 11:10 AM

Rave: Tiny pearls of inky black. Quick to soften, hard to mushify. Cooked, they keep their color and shape. Indeed, the caviar of legumes. And inside the TJ's package, a winner of a recipe: a black lentil stew with sausage. Fabulous, especially made with Pablano pepper and hot Italian sausage.

Lament: Went to buy a package at my local TJs, and the product's been discontinued! Was actually told "You people ask us to carry all this stuff, but don't buy it." Yah. The customer's always wrong. Anyhow, black lentils, RIP. With any luck, Whole Foods carries em.

Request: If anyone still has a package, would you please post (or email) me the recipe on the back of the label? I've riffed off the general idea with great success, but want to keep the original, too.

Thanks, and alas.

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