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If you're tired of seeing the same subjects come up over and over...


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If you're tired of seeing the same subjects come up over and over...

The Chowhound Team | Jan 16, 2006 06:18 PM

Just a brief reminder, any request for a recipe is welcome on this board, whether that request has never been made before, or made many times over. The purpose of this discussion forum is for Chowhounds to exchange original recipes, links to published recipes, paraphrased previously published recipes, and recipe ideas.

New posters show up all the time with new questions, ideas and recommendations. And yes, some of that discussion may be revisiting topics which have been covered here before. Such repetition is a drag for the tiny minority that reads the boards regularly and thoroughly. But it's vital to our resource as a data trove (our main priority and value).
Every time a topic is readdressed, we 1. enjoy updated information, ensuring that our stuff is timely (things change constantly), and 2. smoke out new info, tips and ideas from the new hounds constantly streaming through (and old ones who didn't see the prior query).
Repetition is what makes us timely and thorough. Regular visitors are asked to bear this in mind and treat new posters with respect. If you don't want to discuss it, skip it and forbear from comment. If you have a link to a previous discussion or recipe on another site, you're welcome to post that specific URL. However, posts saying "go look it up on XYZ.com" or "just google for a recipe!" defeat the purpose of this discussion forum and will be removed. If you see such a post, please email moderators@chowhound.com so we can remove it. We appreciate your help.

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