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So tired of so many food "celebrities"


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So tired of so many food "celebrities"

AmblerGirl | May 23, 2011 04:09 AM

I was watching Best Thing I Ever Ate last night and realized that almost everyone was listed as a "celebrity chef" or other food celebrity. Where do all of these people come from? There are a handful of genuine celebrity chefs, including Emeril, Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, etc. And I'll even add in Paula Deen , Rachel Ray and others because, like them or not, they have built very successful empires even though they are not chefs. But now I think the Food Network (and even the Cooking Channel) is trying to manufacture a new army of food celebrities. Amanda Freitag? Alex G? Come on. I think vehicles like Best Thing I Ever Ate, etc. are just vehicles for FN to try to create their own batch of celebrities. Just because someone was placed by FN on a handful of shows does not make them a celebrity, no matter how bad FN wants them to be one.

These people are celebrities as much as the Kardashians are celebrities...

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