Tips to separate fat from broth/drippings?


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Tips to separate fat from broth/drippings?

mike2401 | Mar 13, 2013 09:44 AM

I will typically boil a whole chicken (cut up) in 6 cups of water in my pressure cooker. It comes out great.

After I remove the chicken, and take the meat off the bones, I'm left with a delicious and nutritious broth.

I typically cool it by putting the pot containing the liquid in a cold water bath in my sink, then put the put in the fridge overnight. The fat rises to the top and it can easily be skimmed off.

Any tips or suggestions or gadgets which will help me separate some of the fat without having to wait for the next day? (I normally cook this in the morning on my way to work and it would be great to have some broth to go with my chicken without waiting till the next day.


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