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Why all the tipping threads? [Moved from Not About Food board]

Harters | Feb 7, 200804:59 AM

I post this thread as a serious question and with no intent to flame, but why are there so many tipping threads on Chowhound?

Let me put this in context. I’m British, living in the UK and regularly visiting other European countries (and from time to time, visiting North America).

You never – but never – see tipping discussed on UK food websites nor, for that matter, do non-North American Hounds mention it on the UK/Ireland Board. You’ll not see it as a topic either on other European food websites. It is, simply, not an issue over which there’s anything to discuss for us. You eat, you pay, you tip, you leave.

So, can Hounds help me to understand the cultural or social differences between our two continents that make the subject worthy of regular debate in one and not worthy of mention in another?



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