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Tipping Question

PhilZ | Oct 12, 2005 10:41 AM

I have a question about tipping a Maitre d'. I belong to an organization that goes to a convention each year and I have been in charge of the tipping for the last five years and around 10-15 of us goes… This is how I tip for the 3-4 days we are there; The restaurant Maitre d' gets $10.00 per person, and the entertainment Maitre d' gets $5.00 per person. The waiter and bus boy we tip at the last night. The tipping info was giving to me when I took over 5 years ago. Now I collect the money up and as always I get complaints on “why so much”, “they only sit us once”, “this is there job” etc… I think this is a fair tip for the Maitre d'… IS IT?

Thanks for any input.


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