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Another tipping question(s)


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Another tipping question(s)

John Scar | Jan 2, 2003 02:26 PM

I know this topic gets a lot of attention but I want to know if you tip off the whole amount including taxes or if the tip is based on the price before tax? Or do you not take the effort and time to figure it out and just tip?

Also, how should tipping on a bottle of wine be taken care of? A $20 bottle of wine takes no more work than a $100+ bottle. Do you tip say 15-20%+/- for food then something different (5-20%) for wine?
As a former waiter I always was jazzed when someone ordered a semi exp bottle of wine. We (fellow waiters) would brag about what we sold that night and what are tips were for that bill. All the while we really didn't do much more for that tip.

PS a pet peeve of mine is when you slpit a check with others and it always seems that you are "short". People always seem to leave out tax when they are going through the items they had while adding them up. What it seems they usually do is add up what they had and add 15-20%(the tip). Obviously not enough to cover the waitperson.

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