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Tipping [Moved from Ontario board]

Flexitarian | Mar 31, 200806:52 PM

I am wondering what people's tipping practices are in a restaurant.

What percentage do you tip for different levels of service, ie awful service, service that isn't that good, good service, outstanding service?

Do you ever tip some token amount like a penny or nickel just to make a point when the service is very bad?

Do you tip based on the value of the meal and drinks before tax? (which is what I do)

Does the percentage you tip depend on what kind of restaurant it is? (ie higher end you tip a higher percentage, lower end you tip lower, regardless if the set-up and level of service is the same - ie you sit at a table and a server serves you?)

Do you always tip even if the service is bad because it would be embarassing not to tip anything?

Any other parameters you use to decide what to tip?

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