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Tipping the Maitre `D To Get a Table


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Tipping the Maitre `D To Get a Table

George Lynch | Oct 5, 2000 12:07 PM

Did anyone else read the article in the Post recently where the reporter visited a number of upscale restaurants in Manhattan during prime dining time without reservations and tried to get a table? When he was turned down, he offered the maitre`d $50 and then got a table almost right away in all but one of the restaurants.

I wonder how prevalent this practice is. A colleague of mine told me that one of his sons often goes to Peter Luger's in Brooklyn without a reservation and gives the maitre `d $20 when he asks for a table. According to my friend, his son always gets seated in the next few minutes.

I've never gone to Peter Luger's without a reservation (except at lunch), but I've heard that if you go without a reservation, you can hang at the bar for maybe an hour, then you'll get seated. But maybe it's more economical in the long run to part with the $20 up front and get the table right away.

Maybe I'm naive, but I don't think I've ever greased the Maitre `d for a table in a restaurant. I either make a reservation or don't go. It just seems to me that there are so many places in New York that it's crazy to spend an additonal $20 or more simply to be allowed in to a particular place.

On the other hand, maybe everyone now greases the Maitre `d and I'm out synch.

I'm curious to know what others think of this.

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