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Tipping Etiquette Question


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Tipping Etiquette Question

BabyLitigator | Sep 7, 2005 03:52 PM

Had a random tipping situation today, wondering what people thought.

Was at a restaurant with my gf today (Indian buffet), and service was fine. The total bill came to $18.80. All we had were 10s and 20s. I ask the waiter to break a ten, and he comes back with two fives. I then leave the twenty, and he comes back with a single (but not the 20 cents). So I now have two fives, a single, and some tens and twenties. Should I:
1. Leave a $1 tip
2. Leave a $5 tip (this is what I did, but I felt kinda ripped off)
3. Ask the waiter to break the five I gave him?


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