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Tipping: Decent Food-Terrible Service

jcattles | Mar 14, 200808:08 PM

Went out to dinner tonight. Should've known better that going on a Friday, but was tired and hungry...
We were seated righted away.; The waitress showed up in a decent amount of time and proceeded to ask "what can I getcha?" hmmmm drinks maybe? So we ordered drinks, she him-hawed around and eventually came back to us. Finally got our meal ordered....at least 30 minutes later, we still haven't gotten our food. In the meantime, there are about 3-4 tables who sat down after us (anywhere from 10- 20 min), getting their food. One couple even got their food, ate, and were leaving. So..we grabbed the first person we could see. Told him we were wondering why we haven't gotten our food. He said he'd find out. He walked right past our waitress, didn't say a word to her, didn't come back. Asked for a manger. Manager arrived just as our food arrived. He proceeded to tell us that some orders don't take as long to cook and that's why other people got their food first. (what a bunch of BS). Then he said our order took longer to get out and he would take care of a part of it. (Geez, thanks big guy!) The waitress is finally around, asking if we needed anything else. Yeah, silverware! "Oh well I didn't have enough hands" she said. Got our silverware, at least our food was hot and tasted decent (steak was ordered meduim rare- came medium-well, but not sending it back, never know what would happen to it). She brought back one refill, never asked how the food was, and brought our check. Looked at the check, wow, they only charged us for drinks. (2 sodas). That was better than I expected. I still don't feel like the manager cared what the problem was. He didn't even take time to talk to us, just ok I'll take care of it. (makes me wonder how often this happens) The waitress' attitude was not good to begin with and after the manager came it was even worse. So we didn't leave a tip. I always tip, and if I must say, I am a damn good tipper too. I like to take care of my servers and know that they will take care of me. I feel a little guilty for not leaving anything, but you know, she really didn't deserve a tip. It just irks me when I go out to eat and end up disappointed (yet again). Eating at home sometimes seems like a pain, but in the end the food and service are always better!

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