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How should I have tipped?

rockandroller1 | Jan 25, 200812:44 PM

I ate dinner at a bar last night and discovered that their bottled wines are half off if you take them to go. Great deal. I took 2 bottles with me.

My dinner totaled X amount. But with the two bottles it was like 3X total, even a little more than 3X. When the bartender presented me with my charge slip to sign, I hestitated on the tip line. I felt cheap leaving what "looked like" less than a 10% tip as I would have been tipping on just my food/drink consumed at the bar, but I couldn't justify "tipping" on 2 bottles of wine that he just reached behind him and pulled and handed to me, not to mention which my tip would be nearly 4X what I would have left on just my food and drink consumed on site. But I did hesitate and felt weird and so in the end, I tipped somewhere in between. Way over my normal 20% but under what 20% would have been if I had tipped on the total.

Should I have asked the bartender to ring the wine separately or something?

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