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He tipped me $2.03.


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He tipped me $2.03.

dream_of_giusti | Dec 24, 2007 07:46 AM

Last night I was apalled by the actions of a wealthy customer. I would really like some advice as to handle a similar situation in the future.

I have been serving at a small, family owned restaurant for a few weeks. We have a steady stream of customers come in. I do my job with a smile and everyone so far has said that I do the job well. Last night a table of 5 came in. Everything was business as usual, refilling drinks, food came out promptly, smiles, they made a point to tell me they enjoyed the food, etc. At the end of their meal I gave them the check. The older gentleman in the party paid. The bill was $2.03 shy of $50. As I handed him the billfold he told me to keep the change. I thought to myself, "ok he must be leaving more on the table". Nope, he didn't. My manager and busboy (whom I share tips with) were justifiably upset. The service I provided was great and they enjoyed the food. Everyone in the party was pleased.

I ask you, was this man just cheap or did I miss something? Short of chasing him out to the parking lot and demanding money equal to the service provided, what should I have done?

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