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Should I tip extra when I'm given some items for free?


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Should I tip extra when I'm given some items for free?

phil123 | Oct 31, 2016 04:58 AM

Quick question: If you are a regular and your server gives you a couple of items (a drink, say, and or dessert) at no charge, is the server's expectation that at least some of the money you save will be given back to the server in the form of a larger than usual tip? I know every situation is different but what would the usual case be?


EDIT: I guess readers didn't understand my question. I'm asking what the server wants out of this, not what readers claim they do/would do.

So if you tip on what the bill would have been if you hadn't gotten anything for free, the tip is really just the same as it would have been if you had paid for everything. Therefore the server isn't getting anything out of giving you something for free It's even worse for the server if they had to cover the freebies out of their own pocket.

What I'm asking is, if the server gives you a free item, do they expect their tip to go up by more than the usual percent times the price of the free item?

I'm hoping to hear from people who work as servers, too. Thanks.

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