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Tip calculated on total including tax


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Tip calculated on total including tax

george | Dec 24, 2005 12:42 PM

Quick question - went to Max's in Oakland City Center for holiday luncheon - about 30 of us. All orders were sent by fax two days earlier, and the wait staff did a good job with everything. When the bill came, I think they added in the 18% gratuity, which was expected. However, they calculated is on the after tax total. When questioned about this, the management was polite, but said that is they way everyone does it - and we paid and left.

Nobody is angry about this - I am just wondering is this correct? I ask because I always tip based upon the pre-tax total, and sometimes use the double-the-tax-and-round-up method of calculating the tip. Have I been screwing up all these years?

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