Tin-lined copper + Caramel sauce= whoopsy?


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Tin-lined copper + Caramel sauce= whoopsy?

Staubfan | Aug 28, 2014 07:36 PM

Hello chowhounders,

I'm a relative newcomer to copper (been using it about a year). I bought a thick tin-lined copper saucepan from E Dehillerin last year. I understand the tin will discolor as it reacts to various ingredients.

That said, I made a caramel sauce in it tonight... make amber caramel, take off heat, whisk (silicone whisk) in heavy cream and rum.

After allowing the sauce to cool, I poured it out and what was once a uniform grey-ish bottom was now shiny in the middle.

Was the heat of the caramel/sauce too much? Did I make a mistake? Is it fine*?

Thanks for the advice

*no copper is showing at all

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