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Timing of coffee with desserts in restaurants?


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Timing of coffee with desserts in restaurants?

Rachel M. | Apr 19, 2001 09:45 PM

Not a question of particularly earth-shattering significance, but something I've been thinking about lately.

Here in Tokyo, when I order coffee and dessert, the coffee almost without fail comes after the dessert, or at least when I'm partway through. This is when I like the coffee to come--sort of a palate-refresher with/after dessert (particularly because I'm a big chocolate freak). I've come to consider this "normal".

I was back in the States recently (New Orleans), and almost without fail, my coffee came before dessert. In particular, when you've ordered espresso, this is a problem (IMHO)--gets cold before dessert shows up.

What's considered "normal"? I can't remember how it was done when I used to live in New York (it was a long time ago, and being not as financially sound as I am now, I didn't order dessert much anyway). I suppose one can always just say "Bring the coffee with/after the dessert"...

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