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How many times is it ok for a restaurant to get it wrong?

rockandroller1 | Nov 22, 201109:41 AM

If you have a restaurant you love, where you really like the food, how often is it ok for them to get your order wrong? 10% of the time? 50%? Where do you draw the line?

I have a local place I like to go but about 40% of the time, my order is not right. Like I get takeout, and something is missing. Or I order something with an addition or slight modification, which they've acknowledged I can make, and it comes in the original state, without the addition or modification. One time I got an upcharge they did not tell me about, when getting the daily special as part of a soup/salad combo, and when I complained about it, all they did was apologize for not mentioning that it would be more, because they "usually do that."

They try to make it right most of the time. I've had dishes remade while other sit and eat, and gift cards more than a couple times now. I don't want to be seen like a chronic complaining customer who is always looking for a handout, because I am not, but you know, how many times on average is this acceptable? Everyone has their off days, right?

This is a lunch place pretty close to where I work, and locally owned, so I frequent it about once a week or so.

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