I think it is time i get real pot and pans...


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I think it is time i get real pot and pans...

jeniyo | Sep 16, 2009 04:45 PM

Hi guys,

i'm rather young but i like to say i spend plenty of time in the kitchen. i occasionally cook for some friends but usually just for the two of us. I currently have a few pots and pans i've collected in random stores, parents, boyfriend, roommates. since i am well beyond my college years and have a steady income and a fiance to boot, i think it is time (not waiting on gift registry), to get some real cookware, that will hopefully not take my entire paycheck *_*

things i make/ like to make:

omlettes a la julia, w/o spatula - do i need an omlette pan?
crepes - crepe pan?
caramels - heavy bottomed or thin?
soups - i think i'm ok, but like to have an extra
meats and searing fish - oven proof 10-12 inch?
hopefully a skillet or pan deep enough for pasta sauce and tossing of..
and few good handy sauce pans with lid

what do you think of the aluminum all-clad set? do you think i should get something with copper in the middle? noticeable difference? worth the price?

this is cheaper though~ but not the all clad stuff i've always dreamed of...

thanks guys!

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