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Time to mix it up again......Chix Filet gives free food to stranded motorists......

jrvedivici | Jan 29, 201412:30 PM

I love that Chix Filet posts are as volatile as lighting a cigarette while pumping gas into your car, I just can't resist this.

Soooooo it seems those evil bastards at Chix Filet handed out free sandwiches to stranded motorists as they fled their cars and were walking along an interstate highway.

It doesn't seem they had any way to identify if someone was gay, so for all intent and purposes it's safe to say they gave free food to some homosexuals. Does this action of sheer blind generosity help change some of your opinions regarding the company? Or no, irregardless of any good they do they are just a hateful company and you would rather have people starve and freeze rather than accept the gracious offer of Chix Filet.

I'm curious as to your take(s) on this.

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