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First time ice cream maker, long time eater - I have a few ?s


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First time ice cream maker, long time eater - I have a few ?s

cristaal | Jul 10, 2017 11:38 AM

I have been playing around with my new ice cream machine-the typical freeze the base kind Cuisinart- and no matter what recipe I have been making (I've made maybe 5 different batches so far) I run into two problems #1. the ice cream is so dang hard I cant' scoop it out of the freezer, I have to leave it on the counter for 20 minutes, then refreeze the rest. I've been reading about stabilizers and don't know how yall feel about them. and #2 I don't find I like the texture of the ice cream in that it's dense and heavy and sometimes has an oily mouth coat feel that obviously maybe the cream to milk ratio in some recipes. I haven't found the perfect ice cream base that makes me want to melt. I really enjoy like, Haagen Daz texture and would love to make ice cream with no corn syrup, I know you can't tell a difference but corn syrup makes me feel icky lol but I don't know how to get that light airy perfect texture the grocery stores have mastered. It's my pipe dream to open a very little ice cream stand some day- so I want to test out the perfect recipe...but my dream isn't take off yet-and...not to mention all the weight this trial and error is putting on lol-not that I'm complaining ;) Any sage advice from those more learned than myself?

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