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First time in Chicago - looking for great espresso, pizza and steak


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First time in Chicago - looking for great espresso, pizza and steak

apb | Apr 12, 2009 01:16 PM

Hi there.. 4 of us are off to Chicago this coming weekend and I'm hoping to make it a bit of an indulgent one as the airlines don't like women as pregnant as I am to fly after this.

Can you please please help provide some suggestions for:

1 - Good espresso near our hotel - if I'm limited to one cup of caffeine a day it must be quality! Preferably not a chain. Our hotel is near East Delaware and Michigan Ave.

2 - Pizza on a Thursday night - we get in around 7:30 p.m. - ideally somewhere where we're not travelling too too far from the hotel (less than 20 minutes?) as I'll probably be knackered. Pizzeria Uno/Due and Giordano's have been mentioned a bit and I'll keep searching but as I'm not familiar with the city I'm not sure these are likely options from a location perspective.

3 - Steakhouse or restaurant that serves great steak but the menu must also cater to non-beef eaters. This will be on Saturday night.

I've just started scanning the board for other ideas like bars/pubs with a great selection of beer for the boys (one is English and the other Aussie so it's always time for a pint), brunch in interesting neighbourhoods so we can bundle in food with getting a feel for different parts of the city. And if anyone has any other places along these lines please suggest away.

Thanks so much! V excited!

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