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Tim Sing? Saw My? Kanom Jeeb?


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Tim Sing? Saw My? Kanom Jeeb?

Dennis | Aug 22, 2002 02:22 PM


I am very curious about a certain type of dumpling that is served at some, albeit a very few, Asian restaurants.

It is a type of dumpling with an opening at the top, where you can see the tip of the fillings. The first Chinese restaurant I tried these at listed them as "Tim Sing" on the menu, with "Saw My" in parentheses.

Another restaurant I tried these at listed them as
"Dim Sing" instead of "Tim Sing."

A Thai restaurant in my area offers a version of this style of dumpling, called "Kanom Jeeb."

The best version of these dumplings was at the first
Chinese restaurant I mentioned. They were very delicate in taste and would melt in your mouth with an explosion of wonderful flavors. This became one of the most popular items on their menu.

The other versions I have tried were okay, but nowhere as delectable as prepared in the first restaurant I mentioned. At the Thai restaurant I mentioned, the "Kanom Jeeb" tend to be overly chewy and rubbery.
It is only the dipping sauces and spices that come with them that makes them palatable.

On the other hand, even the most mediocre of these dumplings, the kind that open at the top, taste better to me than those cookie cutter shaped "Steamed Dumplings" that are available in most Chinese restaurants.

Does anybody else here have a particular familiarity or fondness for this style of Asian dumpling, which opens at the top?


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