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Tilapia, how to really exploit this stuff....


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Tilapia, how to really exploit this stuff....

galleygirl | Apr 12, 2004 01:08 AM

It's cheap, it's PC(I think), and it's readily available...Hound-in-training bought some, and presented it to me for dinner(nothing like a slab o'fresh fish to woo a girl...)...Oh yeah, right, of course I had to cook it first...It was white and boring(I thought) so I slapped my house spice rub(courtesy of Nancy Berry) all over it, and blackened it...

Great, but, surprise, beneath the rub, the flesh was good and juicy and tender, there seemed to be some fat there, not the basic, watery, bland, flakey, white fish....Clearly, I need to explore further...I've done tilapia in a claypot, Vietnamese style, for me, but that's not everyone's kettle of fish....What have you done to elevate this species?


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