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Tiki drinks party - some questions

tokyopix | Sep 13, 201302:47 AM

As I've written before, I have cocktail parties about once a month. I prepare a menu of cocktails and have snacks then we pile in cabs and go to dinner. Dinner party made easy (b/c I don't cook the dinner!) with great cocktails before hand!

This month I want to do tiki drinks. My husband is from Hawaii and he has a favorite Hawaiian restaurant here for the dinner.

BUT...I know nothing about tiki drinks. Let's back up even further: I know nothing about rum. But I'm a quick study and willing to learn! Here's what I have on hand:

-Appleton Estate (says aged 12 years on the box; also says extra in a wee oval above the name; also says Jamaica rum, hope that IDs it)

- Cadenhead's Green Label Demerarra Rum, product of Guyana, aged 12 years

- Myer's Original Dark

- Havana Club Anejo Blanco

- Havana Club Barrel Proof (dark blue label, don't know how else to ID it)

-Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Venezuelan rum

- Bundaberg (which appears to be from Australia so I'm guessing that's right out!)

- Lemon Hart 151 (I see this also says Demarra, so is it right to assume it and the Cadenhead are duplicative?)

You're probably wondering how I know nothing about rum and have a bunch of rums. A couple I bought for various uses and many others were inherited. In the expat community people moving out and leaving you a bunch of booze is not uncommon!

So far I'm thinking I'd like to make:

- Zombie

- Painkiller

- Mai Tai

I've done extensive Mai Tai research in threads here and on line. I'm finding conflicting info. For the Painkiller I think I've found enough agreement among sources to trust a recipe. I haven't researched the Zombie fully yet.


-can any rum afficionados weigh in on what I've got and what I might need? I'd love to not buy more rum b/c....we have a lot of random rum! But, there is a specialty booze shop that seems to have a thing for rum. If they have one they have 50 different kinds at least. I don't know what all but can jump on the train and look for what I need if there's a strong opinion that something needed for true tiki drink mixing is missing.

Mai Tai

- I'm often seeing Appleton (I think the one I have?) but then I also see a mix of rums. For the uninitiated, would a single rum be good or would it be really flat w/o mixing 2 rums?

-Also, I see references to rich simple syrup and plain - shall I just experiment and see what I think or is one more authentic?

-Finally, as far as orgeat, I mostly see 1/2 oz (to 2 of rum) but some with 1/4 and Davis Sq goes as high as 3/4 oz in one thread here (though I note s/he leaves out simple syrup so that may be why). Again, is there a "right" proportion, or just taste and try?

I'll have more questions as I go (party in 2 weeks) but thanks for any input on the rum and Mai Tai questions!

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