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Thoughts on Tasting Rooms with an infant?


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Thoughts on Tasting Rooms with an infant?

thursday | Oct 22, 2010 10:06 PM

Pre-baby my husband and I used to enjoy wine tasting in Paso Robles and Santa Barbara - we probably made the drive about once every month or two and had joined a few wine clubs. We haven't been since I got pregnant, and we very much miss it. The wee one is now 3 months old and the one wine club we couldn't give up is having a release/pickup party for their premiere vintage in a couple of weeks. Even before the baby I usually only swallowed a sip or two of any taste and dumped the rest so I wouldn't be too numb in the tongue for a day of tasting, but what's holding us back from going is not actual worries about too much alcohol in my breast milk (I have alcohol testing strips) or worries about the little one having a meltdown (he's pretty chill and a champion napper, and we're quick to take him outside wherever we are if he starts fussing), but worries about how we'll be regarded by both other patrons and winery employees if we show up to tasting rooms carrying an infant. We don't feel the need to attend the release party itself per se, but we'd like to pick up a few bottles that weekend, visit a few other wineries, maybe stay overnight and resume our pre-baby life if only slightly...

So have at it, 'hounders: what would you think of a couple toting a baby into a tasting room?

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