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CHSeifert | Apr 15, 201905:51 PM     110

I have watched my mother cook A LOT in the kitchen since I was a child and continued to do so as I grew older.

I never really thought much about cooking techniques and specialised cookware (specialised meaning how one type of pan/pot is more suitable for certain types of food types and dishes than others)
I thought it all was about skills in the kitchen. And my mother had skills. A lot of them. But she was still just an amateur cook, just like I am.

Some say a talented chef can make any type of dish in any type of quality pan/pot on any type of stove; pretty much.

I know a good deal of professional chefs. And I have watched them while working 100’s of times. 1000’s of times.
I tend to agree, that a great chef can make the most of a cra_ppy pan/pot and a less than ideal stove.
Even my mother made great food in less than ideal circumstances and surroundings.

With that said I just feel that using the proper pans and pots on a good to great stove using the knowledge I have learned about what type of food to cook in what type of pan using the correct amount of heat has just elevated my cooking skills in the last year or so to new heights.

I’m far more consistent in almost all my techniques and as a consequence I seem to be able to elevate the dishes I make to new higher levels, that I could only dream about 4-5 years ago.

But I don’t work under the pressure real professional chefs do. I don’t have waiting paying guest sitting in a restaurant looking at their watches endlessly, while they take a sip of their water or wine or beer.

Yet I still feel kind of proud. Proud over the fact, that I’m moving in the right direction. My goal has always been to cook on a constant stable high restaurant level with the gear I have in my little home kitchen.

I’m not there yet. But I’m closing in on it.

I have almost entirely stopped eating at mid range restaurants since I feel they no longer are worth it, unless I’m just starving and can’t make my own food at home. I simply prefer my own food now to mid range restaurants in Denmark.

I personally feel, that a combination of better skills, experience, knowledge and the access to a wide range of specialised pans and pots in my home kitchen are the reason behind my newly elevated higher levels of cooking quality.

I would like to hear your story about how you have elevated your quality of cooking to new higher levels.
Whether you are trained chef, an avid amateur or a total beginner.
Please tell me your story.

How do you feel your knowledge of cookware has helped you to become a better cook/chef ?

I divide my cookware into categories for what they excel in making.

Sure a searing pan can be used to sauté in, but is it ideal for that task ?
No, it isn’t really.

Sure you can sear in a sauter pan with fine results, but is it ideal for that task ?
No, not really.

Sure you can make a stout beer reduction sauce in a tall large straight walled sauce pan.
But I far prefer a smaller saucier shaped sauce pan for this task.

FYI I rarely EVER follow a recipe, haven’t done so since I 20 years ago read most of the classic French cook books - if I need a recipe I will look 4-5 up and take what I feel is best in a fusion and inspirational mix.

I look forward to your input and thoughts. Please share your story and your honest opinion.

Cheers, Claus from Copenhagen, Denmark

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